Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easy Pantry Thai Curry

An easy pantry curry from's thaifood subsite, for when you don't have a good curry paste on hand..  The entire page is a nice fish curry recipe, but you can make just the curry sauce portion, to use as you like.

How easy?  How pantry?  Here's the ingredients I used tonight:

not pantry, but often in my house anyhow:
fresh cilantro
fresh basil
fresh ginger
garlic in cloves
green onions

can coconut milk
fish sauce
chili powder (yeah, like you make chili with)
ground cumin
brown sugar

I dropped without substitution:
ground coriander
shrimp paste

See Fish Curry Recipe for amounts and real directions

I'm pretty excited, because I don't have a brand of curry paste I'm excited about these days, it uses ingredients I'd stock for various dishes.  And this falls somewhere between curry paste and mortar/pestle in effort.

Why a curry sauce?  Over rice with a bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato, and potato it's a fabulous meal.  Add tofu if you like, or fish, or cashews or peanuts.