Sunday, September 14, 2008

One of my rules--there may be more later

Because I have posting power, I'm going to use it right now. Last night, instead of getting to sleep, I was thinking about this blog. And worrying. If we're going to talk about food, about who eats what, about what is really best for us, somebody is going to get her little feelers hurt. You know I'm right. "I nursed my children until they were 3." "We only use natural toys in our home (wooden-no plastic)." "Homeschooling is the only way to ensure a proper education for our children." "I have 3 years of food storage under my bed." "A woman who truly loves her children would never work outside the home." "We don't let our children play with non-members."

"Blogging on Sunday breaks one of the Big Ten."
We all have things we're passionate about and that isn't a bad thing. We don't all have to be passionate about the same things, or expect everyone to share our passions. Further, assuming you're a Mormon you've heard the concept of loving your neighbor. One good way to love your neighbor in the context of this blog is to encourage one another, but in the kindest, gentlest, most loving of ways. We all love our families and want to do what is best for them, but we all have different ideas about what 'best' is. Just as if you were being a 'member missionary' you wouldn't walk up to a complete stranger, and tell them they're deluded and they need to join the True Church right now, you wouldn't tell a complete stranger on this blog that how she feeds her family is wrong.


Millie said...

Amen. We want this to be a happy veggie blog. :)

Heffalump said...

I guess I was a bit worried about things like that. Maybe we should have a motto that there is no flame grilling aloud, unless its flame grilled veggies.
I am a meat product...please don't cook me on this blog!

Millie said...

I read that when people find out someone's a vegetarian, they start feeling guilty and apologizing for eating meat. I was out with my friends Friday night and we found out the waitress was a veggie. My friend ordered a burger and was all sheepish about it with the waitress. I had never seen that happen before but I can tell you, I'm not going to judge anyone for what they do or don't eat.

I think PETA and groups like it have given vegetarians a really bad image. Good grief, like there aren't more important things to worry about, you know?

NOBODY said...

Elizabeth-W, I think I want to marry you. This post is awesome.
I think you articulated it all so well.

Just like Millie.
But a little different. Because I'm unique.
And only feed my kids raw foods that are grown organically.

NOBODY said...

raw foods unadulterated by the heathens, Heat and Fire.