Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keep Your Breasts out of My Phish Food

Members of PETA: Certifiably Insane? You be the judge.

"PETA wrote a letter to [Ben & Jerry's] company founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield on Tuesday, telling them cow's milk is hazardous and that milking them is cruel."

As opposed to NOT milking them? Has anyone else had mastitis? :)


Scarehaircare said...

Truly, what woman would want to get paid to help make the ice cream?! ROTFLOL! I think PETA decided there was too much attention on the banking emergency and not enough attention on them. Pbbbbbbbt!

Millie said...

The hubby and I were talking about this, this morning. Seriously, what happens to cows if they're allowed to "roam free" and don't have calves to nurse? Cows make milk whether they're feeding a calf or not, right? So do we stop milking millions of cows, let them explode and die horrible deaths?

I don't think PETA thinks about what they're saying half the time.

CoconutKate said...

I just heard about this this morning. Thank goodness Ben & Jerry's politely declined and didn't even "consider it". Seriously who ARE these people that come up with this stuff. I'd like to see what THEY eat. hehehe

Rebecca said...

Neat idea for a blog. I've 'met' Millie and Heffalump before *waves hi*. Been blog hopping for a bit, and found this new one.

If you guys ever need some input, I've been a veggie 28 of my 29 years and a Mormon for 25 of them. My parents joined when I was six.

Very cool blog! Mine has been suffering very much since I found out that it's not a good idea to stay up until 3 am blogging.

Word verif: idkzpyg. Haha. "I don't know the pig".

Elizabeth-W said...

I think that probably a cow dries up if she's not nursed/milked. Doesn't that just make more sense? Now I'm curious.