Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little linky for you

Have you ever read this lady's blog? She set herself a goal to use her crockpot every day for a year. Some of her recipes, by her own admission, haven't been so hot; but others turn out pretty fantastic.
This morning, she had a recipe for a lentil stew, and that seems to fit our needs perfectly--vegetarian, and crockpot-able! This has Sunday dinner written all over it. For the less adventurous, 'garam masala' is sort of like curry. I suppose if you were in a pinch you could use curry powder, or, you could go here and make your own Moroccan spice blend, and that would give an even better flavor, I think.


Johnna said...

cool! I've been wanting a good lentil soup recipe, something with a kick. Though I wouldn't have picked the green lentils. Yellow are so much better, and red lentils even better than that.

McCormick's does a garam masala., but to try this soup it's probably more economical to make the epicurious blend, especially if you have the component spices on hand.

Millie said...

She had me at "You can make shrinky dinks in the crock-pot!" :)

I'm for anything that makes lentils edible. I mean, palatable. I mean, good.

Elizabeth-W said...

Me, too, Johnna.
I've tried McCormick's and it's okay. As you know, but some readers don't, garam masalas are as varied the different kinds of chili people cook throughout the country. Every region/household has their personal favorites. I should have posted a recipe for making your own garam masala, too. It's not that hard, either.
Millie, she also has one about making big crayons from leftover/broken crayons. She's really cute. Somehow Rachael Ray found out about her and she got to go be on her show to talk about crocking. I found her when my ward met from 3-6 and I needed to learn how to use a crock pot, preferably with a recipe that wasn't just cream of chicken and something else. These lentils aren't going to have much flavor in this dish, I don't think.