Saturday, September 13, 2008

You don't have to do it all at once

You know how when you ask your 3 year old whether she'd rather have 20 pennies or two dimes, and she'll take the pennies every time?

I was a vegetarian for a long time, from 18-30 years old. Now, I eat mostly poultry. It's very rare that I'll eat red meat, and it's mostly cooked not by me--think Sunday dinner at Mom's house.
I'm willing to cook meat for my family, but not very much. About half the menus for dinner during the week have meat (usually boneless, skinless chicken breasts, or ground turkey). My 5 year old wouldn't care if she never ate flesh again. Unfortunately, my 8 year old feels mistreated without it. My husband is so grateful I gave up strictly vegetarian cooking he doesn't fuss either way.

I have no compelling interest in making anyone give up meat altogether. But, if we can work together to help each other find ways to eat less, that is a good thing to my way of thinking. And that is where the penny analogy comes in. The trick for cutting down meat in your house, if you're not going to give it up altogether, is make a dish look like it has a lot. If you normally use 4 breasts in a recipe, just use 2, and chop them super-small, or shred it. When serving the dish to carnivorous family members, 'plate' their serving with lots of meat on top, so they can see that there is plenty there.

What other ways have readers found to pull one over on their family members? :)

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Millie said...

Cheese on everything!!!

Letting the kids have PB sandwiches for dinner - hardly creative but it works.

Baked potato bar - very filling.

I can see how people wouldn't eat meat but I would seriously not do this if I couldn't have dairy and eggs.