Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Week's Menu--for Heather

Just to show how flexible we are around here (the blog), I thought I'd show what is on the menu at my house this week.
Heather--I saw your comment on the previous post--you can definitely play here!

Monday: Veggie Calzones (I may throw some turkey pepperoni into a couple for the carnivores-maybe not)
Tuesday--canned soup (I work on Tuesday and heating up soup is about all my husband can do with consistent successful results--last week he made gardenburgers and used every skillet I own)
Wednesday--Indian Cashew Chicken--from this month's Cooking Light
Thursday--(the other day I work--so leftovers from Wednesday)
Friday--Black Bean Burgers
Saturday--Pumpkin Waffles and scrambled eggs
Sunday--Cheesy Potato and Cauliflower chowder

Anyone want to share their menu for the week?


Lisa said...

Do you have links or recipes you can share? Do you make your own Black Bean Burgers or buy them? Everything sounds so good!

Millie said...

Heather, you're safe with us. :)

nikko said...

Oooh. I haven't even cracked open my new issue of Cooking Light. I'll have to look for that recipe!

Monday is my meal plan day. Thanks for the ideas!

Elizabeth-W said...

A couple of them are in our side bar. The black bean one I got from some other recipe that was linked to. I can't remember which one.....Let me look.
No, it's there--California Black Bean Burgers. And the pumpkin waffles one is, too. Calzone, I know you know how to do. The potato/cauliflower chowder I'll make again from a recipe I have and if it turns out as well as I did it last time, I'll post that one here.