Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tacos Sans the Meat

My cousin gave me this idea. I love it.

You substitute the meat for black beans mixed with Taco Seasoning.

You will still have your shells or tortillas, cheese tomatoes, olives, lettuce, etc.

I add broccoli sprouts. They are delicious and taste great, better than lettuce.

Simple, tasty, and much easier to store than meat (both the bag and the can).

Give it a try and let me us know what you think.


FoxyJ said...

Sounds yummy--I was realizing the other day that I haven't had tacos for a while. My mom always made them with corn tortillas fried in oil so they get soft and chewy. I don't like to do them that way anymore because they feel too greasy to me, but I don't like the crunchy shells either...

Anyways, we always make taco salad with black beans now. I either do black beans or a mix of black beans with corn--heat it in the microwave with some chili powder and garlic on it. We also like to make chef salad with kidney beans instead of the ham or turkey--kidney beans, crunchy lettuce, cheddar cheese, hardboiled eggs, croutons, shredded carrots or chopped broccoli--tasty!

Sarah Ricker said...

Mmmmm! I love beans!

My sister does a meat-less taco with lentils, as follows:

Katie's Lentil Tacos

1 c. lentils sort, rinse, and cook until tender
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can diced green chilis
1 packet of low sodium taco seasoning mix.

Cook until liquid reduces and the flavors mix.

Lisa said...

I have a recipe that does this. I mash the black beans and it is really yummy!