Monday, September 28, 2009

Go Meatless On Monday

Whenever I am asked how to go flexitarian without your family declaring mutiny, I answer the same thing:

Go Meatless on Monday

Your family could use a meatless meal after that traditional Sunday roast. Besides, if they are not thrilled with dinner that day, you can still look forward to Family Night treat. If things go well then make 2 nights meat-free at your house.

Eating Well Magazine apparently agrees with the Meatless Monday. They ran a list of vegetarian recipes under the title Go Meatless on Monday. You can find them here.

Another great spot to check for recipes is Meatless Find them here.

Tonight I made a batch of Italian Vegetable Soup from a recipe I found on the Better Homes & Garden's website. I doubled the recipe and added a can each of chickpeas and corn. You can find the original recipe here.

Last of all, another great source for recipes that I love is on the blog 101 Cookbooks. 231 vegetarian recipe and counting. Just click on the title to go there and scan the recipe link for the vegetarian section.

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Johnna said...

Great idea, love it!

The other way to sell meatless dinner--meatless is the night I'm sure to include homemade rolls or cornbread or biscuits.