Thursday, February 4, 2010

They've been vegetarian longer than me

A few months ago I discovered an email list of Vegetarian Mormons.  It's not high traffic, but friendly with lots of ideas.  For example, right now there's some emails being exchanged on vegan food storage.  I wasn't on the list a week when I learned that Protein Combining (eating a vegetable with a whole grain, frex, at each meal to get a "complete protein") is unnecessary.  Which everyone else figured out in 1988.
MormonVeg is a discussion forum for Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) who wish to understand the reasons to reduce the consumption of meat and other animal products or get help in doing so. Participants do NOT have to be vegetarian, vegan, or even LDS to subscribe or participate actively. A genuine interest is all that's necessary.  (emphasis mine)
I won't be reposting any of their emails here or elsewhere, of course.  That would not be cool.


Selwyn said...

Hey J, just saw you mentioned Vegemite in your Umami post. It's the Australian staple spread, and since I haven't met an American yet that likes it, I thought I'd see if you want me to bring any over for you to try/have? I'm bringing some over anyway to unleash on M-heart's family :)

I like your veggie blog!

Johnna said...

Hi Selwyn,

I had vegemite almost 20 years ago. I remember it tasting like bouillon paste. so I sorta liked it, if I was mostly eating butter and toast.

You're visiting M-heart? Cool! Of course, I live 767 miles away, but that's a lot closer than from here to Australia.

Selwyn said...

I'll be over for 2 weeks, including the Segullah retreat. I'm make sure to bring you some (it's the world's best source of B12 and other stuff), though I may not be able to travel the 767 miles to deliver it in person!