Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Food Plans

What are your Christmas season food ambitions?

I did make Latkes during Hanukah week.   Kinder, Gentler Latkes from Food.com had good detailed instructions.  And, they were delicious as leftovers too.  Yes, I made that many.  I also made the Un-Fried Potato Latkes, but they weren't as successful.

So during the holiday my ambitions are:

--make wassail tomorrow so my daughter can take it to her church activity.
--I want a bunch of pomegranates in a bowl to admire and also to eat.
--more delicious salads like lettuce/pears/fresh cranberries/cheese/dressing, like this NYTimes salad winner.  The directions on the NYT site are better than on the original blog.

--I'd like to get a fondue set for Christmas and try fondues of cheese, of spicy peanut butter, or of chocolate.
--individual homemade pizzas?  I've discovered I like pizza without cheese.
--my daughter had some kind of delicious baked eggs in New York City.  Must try to imitate.
--what easy stuff dinners can we have, so we can eat but also run around shopping and having Christmas outings?

--I want to make an orange cake again, with chocolate frosting.
--those frosted cookies my mom always made and we always decorated.

And not:
--the feast of the seven fishes.  I have NO impulse to do it; so much for my vaunted ambition.

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