Monday, January 3, 2011

What next? Thinking aloud about menus.

The kids are back in school today, and I'm still trying to go from standstill to speed.

I *bought* dinner on the way home.  So pathetic.   At least my son talked me out of Jack in the Box and across the street to Wahoo Fish Tacos.

What I have are leeks and potatoes, cabbage (several kinds), kale that we've had more than enough of.  One bunch of carrots, two tired-looking tomatoes.   Lettuce, pears that may finally have ripened now the holidays are over.  A couple apples and oranges.  A bag of lemons (great Christmas present).   Half a pan of cornbread to snack on.

Soupe Pistou and Salade Nicoise require green beans.
Hamburger-less cabbage-vegetable soup is really only loved by me.
The potatoes are beautiful fingerlings.  I'm wondering about trying the Crash Potatoes from the sidebar.
I'm stuck.

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