Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thinking about your Vegetarian Christmas Menu?

Tiny Tim had his Goose, but I don't want one. What's on your Vegetarian Christmas Menu?

Mine's kind of high-carb. And oddly simple, though it is known I love to cook an elaborate party for other days. Christmas is a quiet immediate-family day for us, so I don't do any big multi-plate feasts, and I don't do anything kids wouldn't appreciate.

A couple years ago, I settled on Spaghetti as a main dish for Christmas Eve, and soon the kids decided it was a tradition. It's easy and everyone likes it. I offer three sauces: a marinara, a pesto, and a clam sauce. Obviously, the colors work. I add an artisan bread and a green salad.

Christmas morning, I make cinnamon rolls. Not as practical as other people's egg casserole, but my mom did it, so so do I. I also make omelets. But I always want the sausage with them.

One thing I miss from having meat, is the easiness of sandwiches of Christmas Eve leftovers for the mid-afternoon feast meal Christmas Day. My thought is instead to try doing a fondue--though none of us have done it before, dipping things in cheese looking reliably festive. I think last year I made grilled cheese and tomato soup, believe it or not.

Certain produce really says Christmas season to me. Red Pears. Clementine oranges. Pomegranates. Red Leaf Lettuce.

Meanwhile, I'm browsing at The Vegetarian Society's Christmas menus page.
and three vegetarian Christmas menus at the BBC
Swedish Christmas, vegetarian version.

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