Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A lazy week of split-meals

Not that I recommend living on tacos, burgers, and pizza, which is what we ate this week.

Taco Bar (shells, beans, cheese, lettuce, taco-seasoned meat, taco sauce),
homemade applesauce,
butternut squash soup.
reheated pizza from the weekend (in the frying pan on the stove),
leftover butternut squash soup,
caesar salad from bag.
Thai vegetarian coconut curry containing baked potato and blue lake green beans,
"asian" bagged salad with dried cherries, shredded carrot, cabbage, lettuce, won-ton strips, and ginger-sesame dressing,
baked chicken thighs on the side deboned and chopped for those who'd like to add it as condiment to curry,
peanuts on the side, for those who'd like to add it to curry.
choice of Sloppy Joe, or Portabella Garden Burger. Orders taken 30 minutes before dinner.
carrot sticks and olives,
salt-and-pepper chips,
store-bought egg-potato salad.
Friday: Pizza as per contract with 9-year-old.


M said...

So, Johnna, what's up with the menu list and no recipes?

Kidding. Kind of. I am starting this new semi-vegetarian diet (five pounds lost in the ten days I've been doing it so far). And I want to know how to make Portobello Mushroom Burgers. Is it as easy as a Google search?


Johnna said...

The Portabella Mushroom burgers are commercial, I got them pre-made in the frozen section at the grocery store--They're Portabella Gardenburger. I keep a box in the freezer to have on hand.