Monday, December 1, 2008

When Chicken Soup is Off the Menu

My kid has a cold, severe enough to warrant missing a day or more of high school, severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor, and severe enough that we filled a prescription for antibiotics. And I'm super conservative about antibiotics. Apparently I believe I can stop global drug-resistant TB by my reluctance to treat ear infections.

Of course, being a Mom, I want to supplement all that medical stuff with highly nutritious comfort food. The home version of the RS compassionate service dinner. Chicken Soup would be my impulse, but of course with this kid, Chicken Soup does not apply. This kid is a vegetarian. In fact, she's THE vegetarian who got us all back into this.

She likes thai yellow curry vegetarian, so this afternoon I fetched that for her.
She likes Campbell's Tomato Soup, reconstituted with milk, so I made that for her.
Tomorrow for lunch I'm making Indian Tomato Curry at her request.
Tomorrow for dinner I'm making more Thanksgiving yams. Possibly trying that other bloggernacle yam recipe I can't find now, mashed with roasted banana and maple syrup.
I thought of cream-of-butternut squash soup, and a vegetable pie with carrots.
But—I seem to be overplaying the beta-carotene. The poor kid will end up healthy but a strange shade of yellow at this rate.

Also, I'm off the rails for translating my emotions into food prep without the chicken soup. I've been offering her hot chocolate or orange soda in between her herbal tea—not exactly healthy. I made biscuits from scratch that, though light and fluffy, were not liquid enough for a sore throat. So I ate half the biscuits myself, with butter and jam, and was not comforted.

How do you do Mother with Sick Vegetarian Child?


Heffalump said...

When we have colds we eat Kimchee soup. Our recipe uses beef stock, but I imagine it would be just as good using vegetable stock.
Basically all you need to do is fry some kimchee in your soup pot with a little sesame oil. My Korean sister in law says the kimchee is ready when the steam from frying it makes your throat tickle (or makes you cough). Add some water or vegetable broth (we add water and them put in some beef broth base) and simmer until warm.
We serve this over rice and use toasted seaweed with it too, but it can be eaten just as soup. Of course, kimchee is a bit spicy, so if she is anti spice she might not go for it. For us, it makes us feel warm and clears up our sinuses and it is the best comfort food for a cold.

Scarehaircare said...

Miso Soup (or vegetarian Hot and Sour soup if you have major sinus issues).

Mmmm, the kimchee soup sounds good, too.