Monday, January 4, 2010

Because Family does not live by Mac 'N Cheese alone.

Heather of omnivore blog What's for Dinner commented the other day that she was looking for more family-friendly vegan dishes in 2010, because it is easy to let cheese become a substitute for meat. And let's face it, a diet of cheese, though possibly delicious, is problematic.

To support all of us who are negotiating the cheese situation, I've added a couple new labels (like tags, but on blogger) to our blog.

Here are some of our entries featuring no-cheese dishes: no cheese

And, here are some of our entries featuring dishes which happen to be vegan: vegan

Some of these don't have the presence or nutritional roundedness of main dishes, but we all make light meals sometimes, maybe with a whole wheat roll or toast to round things out.

Our complete list of labels is there to browse in our new right side column, right below Recent Comments. There's even a label for when you're looking for cheese.

Yup, that's my cheese stash pictured above: Cotija, Goat Cheese, Swiss, American, Cheddar.

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