Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's on your Christmas menu?

For the last four years, our holiday dinner is pasta with three sauce choices, and we have that Christmas Eve night. Christmas morning I'll make cinnamon rolls, but I'm so out of practice they won't be ready until it's almost afternoon. My husband bought some boxes of sugar cereal (usually forbidden in this house), and we'll end up snacking on tangerines and Christmas candy, and probably even serving the egg dish while the rolls are still baking.

I know. It would be more exciting if I were making a meal around homemade vegetarian tamales. Or serving parboiled broccoli, cubed cottage potatoes, and torn bread to dip in spicy peanut butter fondue. Or bringing out a platter of roasted Sliced Acorn Squash rings (because they look like stars) stuffed with apples or mushrooms and rice and nuts. Or, if I hadn't been making it every thursday for last six weeks, Spatzle with mushroom gravy, with lingonberry jam for a side of Christmas color.

Instead, all I need to make it a holiday is one green salad with pomegranate seeds sprinkled in it, and my really large and perfect Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas.

And your holiday secrets, menu or otherwise, do tell.


Michele said...

Greetings! I stumbled upon your blog looking for Mormon veggies - I'm a long time vegetarian and a short time Mormon.

For my side of the dinner I'm going to give a tofurky a second shot. I cooked one about 4 yrs ago and it was nasty, but perhaps it was "user error" on my part. I'm up making 7 dozen kolaches for gift plates at the moment. House smells like a wonderful bakery :) My non-veggie husband will be dining upon ham. Both of us will have winter squash and some fresh green beans. And, of course, kolaches - ha.

Elizabeth-W said...

You are too cute. I agree 100%. This year my mom and I decided to go really simple. Simple meaning most everyone will eat most everything. She's making a ham, which of all flesh products this is the one I would NEVER eat. But we tend to let her make the meaty stuff and I do the vegetables/fruits. It's win/win.
On Christmas Eve we tend to do easy stuff--tonight we're making chicken salad on croissants, and fruit salad.
Tomorrow, among other things, we'll have a green salad with dried cranberries--but now I'm thinking about those pomegranate seeds....hmmmm.
I have another thing I have been making the past few years which seems to be a big hit. It's just a snack--nothing exciting.
I make rice crispie treats, but for 2 of the cups of rice, I substitute a cup each of dried cranberries and pistachios (red and green). The tart and the salt of these gives a nice balance to an otherwise just plain old sweet.
Merry Christmas!

Johnna said...

I love the idea of putting dried cranberries and pistachios in rice crispy treats. So fun and tasty and unexpected!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elizabeth-W said...

Are you the one that changed the template? Very cute.

Elizabeth-W said...

And welcome to Michelle. I grew up in NM. Just saw you're in Rio Rancho--I loved eating at Rancho de Corrales.
Are you from Texas? (It's that kolaches thing).

Michele said...

Thanks Elizabeth - Yep, I am from Texas originally - Kolaches do seem to be a Texas thing!

Elizabeth-W said...

I was born in Houston, lived in Texas until 10 and then moved to NM (Hobbs, Alamogordo, ABQ). We probably have some similar taste bud preferences!